Welcome to Betting on Tennis, where we provide all the best golden nuggets of insight you need to bet tennis successfully. From tournament previews & who to look out for in draws, to match previews & in depth analysis on those match-ups. With the 2015 season all but completed we will be spending the next month analysing this year and will be ready to fire up our tips for the start of the 2016 season in Australia.

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2015 Tennis Predictions

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Tennis betting tips

Below you'll find a quick top 4 things to keep in mind when betting on tennis

1) Head to head records
Seems obvious, but some players trouble one style of opponent more than they do others, so check the head to head records of the tennis match you are interested in betting on.

2) Surface is VERY important
Again, make sure you consider the tournament surface when wokring out your bets. Baseliners dominate big servers on clay whereas the table are turned if the match was played on a faster court like grass.

3) Players peak at different times of the year.
The tennis season is a long grind. Many players peak at different times of the year for various reasons. Whether their games are suited to clay and they peak during May for the clay court season or they simply peak when the tour is in their home country (think Li Na for example)

4)Shop for the best tennis lines
Here we guide you to the best sportsbooks for tennis betting. We bet tennis heavily so know which sportsbooks are the best in this market. Getting the best of the markets can be the difference between being a long term winning or losing tennis bettor.

Tennis betting Markets

Like with all sports, there is a range of different markets and odds offered by sportsbooks on tennis.

Whilst the most popular market is obviously just the straight head to head betting, you should explore some of the other ones available and quite often will get better value.

Set-betting, game totals and handicap tennis betting markets are good markets to unlock better odds on your bet. At the 2013 Australian tennis open for example you could get odds of $2.30 for Federer to beat Tomic in straight sets, but only $1.50 for him to just win. He won 3-0.

Live-betting is huge in tennis, probably more so than 99% of all sports in the world and if you're watching a match and can pick when players tire or begin to hit their touch it can be very profitable.

Tennis Betting Rules

Many sportsbooks have differing rules like whether extra time counts or not etc on other sports, but when betting on tennis, knowing the sportsbooks tennis betting rules is CRITICAL.

Sportsbooks consider a tennis bet valid in one of 4 ways. If a point has been played, if 1 or 2 sets have been played or the entire match must be played for the bet to be valid.

If the player you want to bet on has had a history of retirements, or has overcome a recent injury, is priming for a particular upcoming tournament, I would want to be betting on them at a sportsbooks whose rules are match complete, not just whether a point has been played or not.

We've written a thorough guide on the different rules applied by different sportsbooks for a tennis bet to be honoured in the event of a retirement.

We're also including a few little tips on how to take advantage of the different rules if you think a retirement is likely as well. You can read the article here :

  • Tennis Retirement Rules explained